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About CTP

For many years we have traveled the world to attend various events, meetings and conferences. Throughout this time I had no idea about who was booking my flights and how much the hotels were, and then I found out. Years trying to improve corporate strategies, streamline departments and then i found out we were paying so much for travel and with a better and cheaper service we could just add these savings straight onto our bottom line. I researched fully the the industry and tried to seek a better option. I saw the normal companies cropping up but they all work the same way, so, I decided to do it myself!

Today’s travel environment continues to grow in complexity – from the always changing airline industry to hotel and car rental price increases. Factor in the advances in technology and it’s easy to see why so many companies look for guidance and expertise when enhancing their travel management program. CTP will consult with you and bring a focused overall design, implementation, and well-executed program delivering results measured in cost-savings and time-savings through balanced and efficient processes.

It is our firm belief that quality service, making sure we deliver on our promises, getting our clients the best possible travel arrangements made around their personal requirements and getting it done fast!!!!

We hope to speak with you soon.

Corporate Travel Pro

Your very own virtual travel assistant.


To make a booking its very simple.


Send an Email to clearly stating where you want to go, when you want to go there and when you have to return.


Thats it!

Feel free to add any individual specific requests in there to like shortest stopovers or include car rental for example. 

Whatever you need, no matter how specific, just ask.

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